The registration fee per person is a non-refundable $60. This fee will count towards your fundraising goal. Space is limited to 100 participants.


Each participant is required to raise their fundraising goal. We have many tools to help you succeed and will be here to support you along the way.


Once registered, participants will be prompted to set up a personal fundraising page. This page can be customized and directly shared with your supporters. Donations can be made via debit or credit card directly from the fundraising page or you can accept cash or check contributions by filling out the Offline Donation Form. All donations (including the $60 registration fee) are tax deductible. ​

If you have not raised your goal by August 8, 2019. You will need to come prepared to make a payment to reach a minimum goal of $500.


CHARISM OVER THE EDGE (OTE) gives participants the opportunity to rappel down the Black Building (110 feet) in a completely safe and controlled environment. Over the Edge is more than just a rappel, it is the experience of a lifetime. As you rappel, your family and friends will cheer you on from the ground. Upon landing, you will reunite with your family and friends as you enjoy the entertainment and celebration on the ground. 

OTE is an ultra-safe event. Each participant wears a full-body industrial harness and uses an industrial descender for the rappel. There’s no prior rappelling experience necessary. All participants receive onsite training prior to their descent, and OTE professionals remain in complete control so that you can enjoy your experience. OTE’s only restriction is that participants must weigh between 110 and 300 pounds.

Each participant will be given a specific time for their arrival and rappel. When a participant arrives on site, they will take part in orientation, training where they will practice rappelling a shorter distance to experience hanging in the harness and using the descender. The same safety procedures are used in both the training and the long rappel so participants are well prepared to go “Over the Edge.”

For the safety of everybody involved, we will not allow any loose personal objects on the roof. We want to eliminate any potential and risk that something may be dropped off of the roof. This unfortunately means no cell phones or personal cameras. BUT no worries, we will have photographers on the roof and on the ground capturing every minute of the descent!

Over the Edge USA will supply all of the necessary safety equipment for you to wear and you will be fitted during orientation and training. We do ask that you wear sneakers, light hikers, climbing shoes or something with a soft light colored sole. Please refrain from wearing slippers, sandals, slip-ons, or anything with a heel. For clothing we suggest that you wear comfortable pants and an athletic top. (Athletic pants, tights, and jeans are suitable). The harness goes around participant's legs, waist, and shoulders - so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. CHARISM will provide participants with their very own event t-shirt!

In the case of extremely high winds, lightening or other serious weather conditions, OTE will be delayed or rescheduled. All decisions will be made on the day of the rappel.  ​

Make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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